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Rue des Merisiers, 25
CH-1870 Monthey

Fax : 	+41 (0) 24 471.22.42
e-mail : 	info@pylogistics.ch

Who are we ?

PyLogistics sŕrl is a company with limited responsibility (sŕrl) according to the Swiss law, with seat in Monthey. Its regulations were legally confirmed on July 14th, 2004, and its activities officially started on August 2nd, 2004. The social capital of the company amounts to 20'000 CHF and is divided in two paid-up shares.

The activities of the companies of the Giovanola Frčres S.A. group in Monthey having been finalized,
PyLogistics sŕrl has taken over the technical documentations relating to the chemical devices department and also concluded a partnership with the companies owning the rights relating to the "Amusement Rides" department.


With the know-how of Giovanola Frčres S.A., the preferential relations with other companies established by former collaborators of Giovanola Frčres S.A., as well as with the well-known suppliers PyLogistics sŕrl is able to survey and complete different types of projects, offering its customers an equal quality to the one having made Giovanola Frčres S.A.’s reputation in the past. 


Derničre mise ŕ jour : 15 mars 2006