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What do we offer ?

PyLogistics sārl complies with three main activities :


ˇ Buying and selling of industrial parts

ˇ Project survey

ˇ Site administration



Buying and selling of industrial parts


For this department, PyLogistics sārl has bought the technical documents relating to the chemical devices realized by Giovanola Frčres S.A and consequently can offer the spare parts for these devices according to construction plans.


PyLogistics sārl has furthermore concluded an agreement with the companies owing the rights of the amusement rides built by Giovanola Frčres S.A., so being in a position to offer spare parts to former Giovanola customers for these special constructions.


The know-how of the collaborators of PyLogistics sārl also gives it the possibility to suggest other industrial parts according to the plans and wished of each customer.


Due to its experience and contacts established with foreign companies, PyLogistics sārl  is in a position to recommend the buying and selling of various second hand tool-machines at interesting prices.


Survey of projects


The experienced personnel of PyLogistics sārl conducting industrial projects from their start up to their realization adds a large diversity to this department. The collaborators of PyLogistics sārl master in any case the planification, pricing and realization of various projects.


PyLogistics sārl has organized and lead, in 2004/05, the unmounting, charging and forwarding of several hundred machines, as well as of two thousand tons of steal, either by truck or railway.


The realization of technical drawings for devices, parts or specific equipments (hydraulic equipements, chemical devices…) constitutes an additional offer in the department "Survey of projects" of PyLogistics sārl.


Site administration


Since more than one year, PyLogistics sārl ensures the administration of the Giovanola site on behalf of the bankrupt company Giovanola Frčres S.A. and its creditors. This site counts more than 24 buildings and industrial halls with about 15'000m2 all covered, on an estate of more than 79'000m2.


This experience allows PyLogistics sārl to offer its administration for other industrial sites including the preparation, administration and valorization of sites in view of maintaining  industrial and craftsmen activities on industrial areas.

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