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Results ? and what future ?

Results ?


Within one year, PyLogistics sārl has reached a turnover of more than 420'000 CHF and given satisfaction to 28 customers in 7 different countries. This turnover results for 40% from foreign countries. The foreign income is constituted by equal parts by the EU and the USA.




















PyLogistics sārl being actif on an international bases for its customers, it is important to note that 85% of its expenses are made in Switzerland, this mainly in the local economic space.


… and what future ?


PyLogistics sārl is facing the future with great confidence. The starting problems and those related to the taking over of the Giovanola departments are now solved. Its forthcoming efforts aiming at improvements in favour of the Ģ customers ģ are directed in view of a continual optimalization of the product quality, shorter delays and better prices.

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